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Stargate Sausage Production System

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Stargate Sausage Production System produces the worlds leading brand name sausages!  

Coextrusion Solutions Stargate Sausage Production System

Continuous Sausage Production


Stargate Sausage Production System optimizes your production by continuously applying the casing to the meat rope . Diameter changes are a snap.

Highest degree of portion control


Nearly identical link to link length and weight. Patented thermal treatment process creates highest yield in the industry to increases your profits.

Straight, Curved, Ring, Loops


Only the Stargate Sausage Production System delivers the ability to produce your cooked sausage portfolio. Ease of change-overs enables you to run all your production, simply. SKU's large, small, or seasonal Stargate Sausage Production System can run all.

Food Safety!


The Stargate Sausage Production System specializes in cook in bag technology to produce ready to eat sausages.
Pathogens are controlled. Post cooking process product exposure is nonexistent. Rapid chill in package to < 40°F, ready for case packing.

Ready to eat environment - is in the sealed bag. 

Unparalleled Quality


 The Stargate Sausage Production System process keeps the “just cooked” sausage taste  sealed in the bag during the entire shelf life of your product. Your customers experience your quality  every time they open a package of your product. 

Collaboration for success


Stargate Sausage Production System partners with the worlds leading food processing OEMs to support Coextrusion Solutions patented thermal processing solution.

Your Success from Our Experience

 Coextrusion Solutions is a food machinery company that was started and is led by individuals with vast experience  in the meat processing industry. It utilizes our advanced proprietary technology design for the production of sausages. We made the Stargate Sausage Production system smaller, less expensive, more versatile, easy to operate and own. 

Most flexible dinner sausage, ring sausage and hotdog production system!


Small enough to allow existing manufacturers to integrate the Stargate equipment into their existing production facilities. The  system can produce hotdogs, dinner sausages, and ring sausages. The straightforward design, operational method and first of its kind customer solution support gives our customers confidence to purchase and operate the entire line without extensive knowledge of technology. Allowing our customers to take advantage of the most efficient sausage production system available today.

Be a Trendsetter in YOUR industry!


Drivers for the sausage category growth are convenience, taste, new flavors, healthier options, population growth, and cost when compared to other protein meal alternatives. The Stargate Sausage Production System is your future.

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